Mouse click on the week number you want to book. You can only book one week at a time. The booking procedure is that you pre-book the week(s) you want, and an email is sent to your email with cc to us. A booking week starts Saturday at 15:00 and ends the following Saturday at 12:00. The rental prices is inclusive water but exclusive use of electricity and cleaning. It is renters responsibility that the house is cleaned upon departure. If you want to order the cleaning, we will try to arrange it with a local company, the price is typically € 110. There is a discount of 5% on the second or third week you rent. Price on request if you rent 3 or more weeks outside high season.  
 Not Available 460 € per week
 595 € per week 660 € per week
 760 € per week 810 € per week
 900 € per week  

Extra services and prices
Electricity 1 Kwh 0,35 €
Deposit 200,00 €
You can also make a booking request by email.Enter an email to us